How to run tests and to report them?

Each mmx package pkgname contains some test files, which can be found in the folder pkgname/test. In order to run these tests, the option TEST should be turned ON, while configuring the package with cmake.

Then the make command produces the executable of the tests which are put in the folder ${CMAKE_BINARY_DIR}/test. Their names start with the prefix pkgname_.

To run these tests, the command make test should be used. To report them, the command ctest -D Experimental can be used.

Here is a typical sequence of instructions that can be used to test the mmx distribution:

svn checkout svn://
mkdir build
cd build 
cmake -DTEST=ON ../mmx 
make test 
ctest -D Experimental

The result of these tests is then reported at, indicating the errors and warnings which may occur. A nightly build and check of the folder mmx is reported on this server.

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